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Terms & Conditions


A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold all reservations.

We accept all major credit cards and paypal payments. You can make your payment from our website, over the phone or via paypal invoice. You will be contacted for route instructions within 15 minutes to 12 hours depending on the time of reservation, with a confirmation number for all online and email orders or give us a call to book now. There is a non-refundable deposit fee for all orders, whether you paid in full or only the deposit. If you pay in full and cancel within 72 hours of your trip, you will receive all BUT the deposit back in the same tender as you paid. All cancellations must be made within 72 hours of the reservation. If you fail to do so the entire reservation amount is due.

A customer’s failure to show up at the designated pick-up location will be charged a “No show” fee for the entire amount of the trip.

If you cannot locate your chauffeur, you must notify us by phone to avoid a “No Show” charge. Our Drivers will contact you prior and upon arrival. Drivers are not authorized to exceed the number of passengers stated on your contract. This is in violation of state law and insurance guidelines.

Refunds may take up to 14 days to process for accounting purposes.

  • Rates are subject to availability and may change without notice prior to making the reservation due to but not limited to Holidays, Special Events, Gas Prices and Extreme Weather Conditions. Rates will not change once the reservation has been made. Riding With The Law reserves the right to up-grade vehicles according to their schedule. At no time will Riding With The Law down-grade a vehicle without consent. Riding With The Law also reserves the right to deny services to anyone.​

  • The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the bus/limousine caused by client during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. A fee of $100.00 will be charged for each carpet burn, wall burn, or seat burn. Excessive clean-up including spills of staining fluids, ANY bodily fluids, or odors will incur additional clean-up charges for labor and materials of contaminated surfaces – minimum of $250.

  • Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles. If passenger/s are found smoking on the vehicle the trip will be canceled immediately and a $250 cleaning fee will be charged.

Any damages will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card on file.

  • You are free to bring your own beverages, but we cannot purchase them on your behalf. Please call us for other requests. Consumption of alcohol by a minor is never tolerated under any circumstance and will result in termination of charter without any refund.

  • Alcohol Consumption by minors and/or drug use by anyone are strictly prohibited by law. The driver has the right to terminate the run without refund. (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s). Smoking is not permitted in any of our vehicles.

  • Overtime will apply after the first 30 minutes of prearranged time describe on the run sheet.

Riding With The Law is not responsible for articles left in vehicles.

Balance is to be paid to the driver on the run date before the beginning of the run.

Riding With The Law contracts with transportation companies that meet all the state requirements and guidelines to fulfill our client’s needs. These companies provide us with discounted rates that we pass on to our customers. Riding With The Law bills our customers the initial services charge and the company proving the service will charge the remaining balance 7 days before the trip.


The covenants, terms, and conditions contained in this Agreement shall be binding to the benefit of Riding With The Law and ___________________________.  Each Party agrees to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. 

IN WITNESS WHERE OF, the parties have caused this Agreement to be executed by their duly authorized representatives to be effective as of the day and year first written below.

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